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Just imagine that you have everything in place on your computer to guard privacy and the internet security of you, your family or your business.

Well, you can have that peace of mind by reading through the articles on this site and putting the advice into practice... everything you need for the best computer protection against all known Internet threats is here.

What Does This Site Provide For You?

As you look through Guard Privacy & Online Security, you'll see it fully explains and gives you the confidence to deal with...

  • Each of the online risks and how they impact on you

  • How to assess the threats you need to protect against, by using three categories of risk... classified according to the degree of danger

  • Tips to maximize your computer privacy and security, together with unbiased advice on the very best security software.

Confidence The Best Products Are Recommended

How can you have confidence the products I recommend are the best?

Well, I...

  • assess the evaluations performed on the software by independent testing organizations
  • undertake my own evaluation of products
  • take into account internet security software reviews

So, no need to take a risk and buy because of marketing hype, or to spend hours searching the Internet for product reviews. The work's been done and it's all here for you!

As you read through these articles, you'll find that you'll easily learn how to protect you, your family or business, so that you will safely navigate through the very real dangers lurking online.

Where To Start?

If you want to know how to protect your privacy and security, start by getting an overview of both 'Computer Threats' and 'Critical Protection' -- just click on the first two links below or on the navigation bar, top left.

After that, you will then slip easily into understanding the articles on the specific risks you want to protect against. You can search the site using the search box, below.

So, let's start!...


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