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September 26, 2008 21:48 - Does Sunbelt's Vipre Live Up To It's Claims?

Some of you may already know about and have even tried Sunbelt Software's new security solution... VIPREĀ™ Antivirus + Antispyware. Sunbelt claim VIPRE is a completely new product that combines antivirus, antispyware and anti-rootkit into a seamless, integrated product using new technology that beats the performance and resource headaches of many traditional antivirus products.

Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software stated, "We started with a blank slate, and the result is a clean, fast, and comprehensive anti-malware solution."

I'm a current user of Sunbelt's CounterSpy and for $9.95, I upgraded to VIPRE. Well, I tested Sunbelt's claim that VIPRE is hardly noticeable when it's scanning, so here is my evaluation...

I guess most people are like me when their antivirus goes into action while they're using their computer... dismay! My PC slows right down -- I click on a program or page and there's about a 5 second delay before anything happens.

When VIPRE is on, it scans for viruses and spyware combined, as well as providing protection from email-borne threats and rootkits. VIPRE is always on... Active Protection continually provides protection when programs and files are opened. In addition, the software provides a secure file eraser and history cleaner and the user interface is clear, friendly and very easy to use.

I must admit I was very surprised to find that when VIPRE was actively scanning the claims of Sunbelt were true... VIPRE had hardly any effect on my system -- programs and files opened with an almost unnoticeable lag.

And Sunbelt continues with its low pricing... a single license for VIPRE costs $29.95 (unless upgrading from CounterSpy at $9.95), a 3-user annual subscription is $39.95 and for $49.95 you can protect all PCs in a single household, no matter what the number of PCs.

See more details about VIPRE

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