Encrypted And Anonymous Email Service Free And Commercial

Why would we want to use an anonymous email service free or commercial, or encrypt the contents of our emails?

Well, consider whether you would you put all your business or personal correspondence on a post card, showing your own address as well as the recipients, and knowing everyone who handles it will read it and know who's sent it.

For some correspondence, that would be perfectly acceptable... but for sensitive, confidential or intimate messages, the majority of us would ensure the contents are enclosed in a sealed envelope.

This is exactly how we should treat our email messages... some are perfectly okay to send by open routes, but other email may need to be sent more securely.

Let's now take a look at and discuss the following aspects of anonymous email services free and commercial...

  1. Why Secure Our Email?
  2. Ensuring Confidentiality
  3. How They Work
  4. Services Available
  5. Supporting Articles

1. Anonymous Email Service Free Or Commercial... Why Secure Our Email?

When sending emails, not only can anyone at our Internet Service Provider (ISP) read our messages, but dozens of copies of it are left on servers around the world. It's possible for anyone to track everything we write, and everything we read online.

There are very practical and legitimate reasons why we may not want to reveal our identity or contents and so guard privacy when sending e-mail.

For instance, an anonymous email service free or otherwise, can be useful when we want to...

  • Post to newsgroups and avoid spam overwhelming our genuine e-mail address
  • Blow the whistle on corrupt practices in our workplace or send a complaint about someone
  • Send confidential information to clients or customers, such as treatment, financial or personal details
  • Test the services of business competitors - or discover the prices that they charge
  • Communicate about a confidential deal that we don't want anyone to know about
  • Discuss ideas in a politically oppressed country

In some cases, it may be just the content we won't want read; in others we may not want our identity revealed; in other circumstances it may be both.

An anonymous email service free or commercial allows you to choose the level at which you guard privacy for your email correspondence...

2. Anonymous Email Service Free Or Commercial... Ensuring Confidentiality

When we dispatch our emails, a message header reveals our IP address -— the service provider's servers through which we connect to the Internet.

Using that IP address, any cracker or investigator can obtain our name, address, and phone number.

As our emails aren't encrypted, they can be read once they leave our computer.

By using an anonymous email service free or commercial, also known as anonymous remailers, we can send email anonymously. Some remailers also encrypt the contents of our email, so if intercepted, they can't be read.

3. Anonymous Email Service Free Or Commercial... How They Work

Anonymous remailers hide our IP address by removing the header information. A remailer server acts as an intermediary, in that we send our message to the remailer, the remailer strips out our header, and then forwards our message to its destination. The receiver sees the remailer's IP address and not our true IP.

Don't want your email messages read? The answer is an anonymous email service free or commercial, which encrypts your messages.

While anonymous surfing hides our IP address, most anonymous surfing tools do not permit the sending of anonymous email.

Even if we use a free Web address, it can be traced back to you via your Internet Services Provider.

Let's look at some of the possibilities for sending both encrypted and anonymous email. As you'll see, the amount and type of protection offered by these services vary, so you need to choose the one which suits your needs.

4. Anonymous Email Service Free Or Commercial... The Services Available

I. Tor

Privacy advocates are giving the thumbs up to this anonymous email service free and including web surfing. Tor can protect the anonymity of Web browsing, instant messaging and email.

However, beware... the site admits on its home page that, at this stage of development, anonomity cannot be guaranteed. This is probably one to keep an eye on until the development is more secure.

II. MyTrashMail

MyTrashMail is an anonymous email service free and including to up to 15 email addresses at a time. You can even add attachments to your messages.

The company also offers free 'temporary' email addresses -- you can use these addresses when you need to access a Web site which demands registration. However, be aware that many sites block these kinds of addresses, so it may not work.

You will find that your emails will contain ads to fund the free service. Although you may be okay about the ads, what about your recipients?

You can upgrade to no ads by making a donation.

III. Hushmail

Hushmail provides free encrypted email but not anonymization. The free version is Web-based and contains ads.

For a small premium you can send and receive ad-free email through Outlook, Thunderbird etc, or from your website.

There is also a business package for your own domain or your-domain.hush.com.

You can sign up for free Hushmail with automatic encryption, virus scanning and spam filtering here.

IV. Advicebox

Advicebox offers a subscription anonymous email service free of encryption, which lets you send as many anonymous messages as you wish.

Your messages are sent via Advicebox's Web interface, and there is no way of tracing the message back to you.

You need to be aware that although Advicebox will not reveal senders' identities to anyone else, it will cooperate with legal requests.

3. Commercial And Free Proxy Anonymizers...
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