Tips Before Choosing The Best Computer Protection

Who wouldn't want the BEST computer protection against those security threats at a price they can afford? And if it's free, even better!

In this section you'll be picking up tips to steer you away from poor choices and move you towards the best, most effective categories to guard privacy and online security.

For further information about the computer security threats that you should consider protection against, take a look at my article, Know These Computer Security Threats For Internet Protection.

And for advice about deciding which protection is critical against these threats, then you'll find help in How To Decide Which Best Computer Protection Is Essential

"Protection Software Is Not Created Equal"

There are quite a few home and home office users who think that any antivirus or firewall software, for example, will 'do the job' of protecting their computers from viruses and crackers. Others may believe that just because a new computer comes with some trial protection already installed, then it must be the 'best', rather than it being a free deal for the computer vendor... the software manufacturer then profits from the subscription once the trial has ended.

Unfortunately for the consumer, it's a fact that not all security and privacy software performs equally... the best computer security software stands head and shoulders above its competitors, providing you with enhanced protection and safety and -- usually -- at the same cost!

So, how does a consumer find out what is the best computer protection?

Well, fortunately for us, there are independent testing and certification bodies that compare protection software against stringent standards and report the results. Some examples are AV comparatives, ICSA Labs, Checkmark and Virus Bulletin.

Professional computer journals will also contract these organizations to test software and then report the results and recommendations in their technical journals.

But, you don't have to trawl through this information... I do this for you and combine the information with my own testing results, to produce the recommendations you'll find for each of the Internet threats you face.

All you have to do is click on the button for a particular risk on the navigation bar to the left and you'll have information on the risk, how it can affect you and what the current best computer protection is.

"Freeware - You Get What You Pay For"

When looking for the best computer protection, in the majority of cases, commercial programs outperform free software (freeware).

This is usually because commercial companies have the resources for ongoing development, improvements and fast updates... not usually available on that scale to the individual developer or small company offering its products for free.

Some commercial vendors offer free, cut-down programs in the hope that you will eventually upgrade to their pay software. This free software lacks one or more of the commercial features -- usually support and automatic updates or frequency of updates. So, although it works as well as the pay version initially, without current updates, it will not deal effectively with the latest threats.

Besides lackluster performance, there can also be privacy and security risks with freeware. Freeware is often bundled with adware, or sometimes malicious spyware, as this is one way for the developer to make a return without commercialising the product. So, beware of freeware not offered by reputable companies.

It's not all glum news, however. There are independent developers who generously make their software available as freeware, without being bundled with malware. You'll find as you go through this site that in most categories of risk, I include links to safe and reliable freeware.

"Are The Big Brand Names The Best?"

Simply, the answer is that a big marketing spend is not a guarantee of top product effectiveness and ease of use.

For instance, in independent tests by AV Comparatives, Norton and McAfee are out-performed by lesser known brands.

Within this site, a good proportion of the recommendations you read about are not from major vendors... it's very much about what is the most effective product in independent tests, reviews or my own testing.

"Internet Security Suites"

Security and Privacy Suites bundle into one package some or all of the Internet privacy and security tools. They are an attractive proposition, in that we only have to manage one package for all our protection.

I used to counsel against Internet Security Suites, as their components were inferior to the best stand-alone programs. However, over the last 3 or 4 years, many of the shortcomings of these suites have been addressed to produce powerful tools for the home and home office user.

Although you'll see I still recommend stand-alone products, you are not going to compromise your security by going for an Internet Security Suite. The best two, as a result of independent tests by AV Comparatives, are...

  1. BitDefender Internet Security
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security

You can also read my article for more information, The Best Computer Protection With The Top Security Suites


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