Best Internet Security Suite? Here's The Answer...

The best internet security suite offers a very attractive alternative to stand-alone security software.

Because suites offer antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antiphishing, ID protection and more recently, system analysis and repair (the list of functions goes on!), the bundled cost offers great value over its individual counterparts. I use a Security Suite myself now and I was a great proponent of 'separates'... that's how much these packages have now come on!

Here's what we'll be covering...

  1. The independent testers
  2. How the best has been determined
  3. The best tested and named

The Independent Testers

The general consumer is unaware that there are a number of organizations that test and certify security suites and antivirus software and their evaluations and ratings are available... if you know where to look!

I've listed these organizations and what testing they do in my article, Antivirus Ratings -- which also provides details of the best anti-virus software determined by their testing.

These independent certifiers are...

  • ICSA Labs
  • West Coast Labs
  • Virus Bulletin
  • AV-Comparatives

You should only buy Internet security software that has been certified by at least one of the first three bodies... as my recommendations below have.

The other two, AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, carry out tests comparing the leading products on a regular basis to produce ratings for the best security software.

How The Best Internet Security Suite Has Been Determined

I've analyzed...

  • the AV-Comparatives 'Real World Protection Tests', which evaluate the suites "real-world" protection capabilities and,
  • The last 3 comparative and rating reports for internet security suite reviews from AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives.

We shouldn't just be looking at one-off performances -- we all want software that is consistently in the top quartile and has continuing development, so that our software is automatically upgraded with new advances.

From the above organizations there are 2 internet security suite that are consistently at the top, with two others worth a mention ...

Here's The Best Internet Security Suite

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 is top overall -- it has a slight edge over Kaspersky in the tests by both organizations. The Suite offers all the attributes of BitDefender Antivirus Plus, with the addition of firewall, banking and ID theft protection, parental control and other useful functionality. To try it out for 30 days free, click on...

Download Internet Security 2013 (30 day Free Trial)

or, to find out more, just go to...


LATEST NEWS!... AV-Comparatives have released their Product of The Year Award based on their 2012 test results throughout the year. "Both Kaspersky Labs and Bitdefender's products were equally good, and both worthy of the Product of The Year Award." Because Kaspersky has already won the award and Bitdefender hadn't, the 2012 Product of the Year Award goes to Bitdefender.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

Kaspersky Internet Security closely follows Bitdefender and this is the suite that I use.

Kaspersky has a great AV engine and an easy-to-use firewall. Like most suites, it has banking and ID theft protection, parental control and suspicious and phishing website protection.

Try a FREE 30-DAY Trial of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013... Download FREE Trial Now!

If you also want to find out more about Kaspersky AntiVirus before trying, then take a read of my article Best Internet Security Suite and Antivirus: Kaspersky.

Two Close Follow Ups

The performance of F-Secure Internet Security 2013 is extremely close to Kaspersy and is followed by G Data.

To download a trial of G Data Internet Security 2013, Click Here


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