Delete Browsing History To Stop Tracking Cookies and Snoops!

Delete browsing history to guard your privacy and ensure others can't access this personal information. This can be done manually but if you want to ensure this data is irrecoverable, then you'll need software that will clear history without leaving traces.

Bear in mind that, although you will be erasing your tracks from your computer, records will still be stored on the servers of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) of the Web sites you visit and what you've downloaded.

To avoid this trail, delete browsing history and seriously consider using a Top VPN Service to Mask Your IP and Encrypt Your Data Transfers.

We'll cover these two following aspects within this article...

  1. What Is Internet History and Why Delete It?
  2. Recommended Software To Delete Browsing History

1. What Is Browsing History and Why Delete?

Everything we do on our computer leaves a trail.  As we surf the Internet, our browser stores information that makes our browsing experience more responsive. However, in doing so, our history files and logs will retain information, such as the sites we have visited, the cookies placed by those sites, plus copies of accessed pages and images.

I've listed below the majority of places where our Internet history is stored. This shows you just how extensively our Internet patterns are recorded on our computers...

1.1. Where Is Internet Browsing History Stored?

  • Browser location bar history list and the related cookies
  • The Internet cache (temporary files)
  • Search history, often displayed by the search fields of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines
  • The auto-complete history function memory
  • Browser plugins
  • The index.dat file
  • Start menu run history
  • Start menu search history
  • Windows 'temp' files
  • Open/save dialog box history
  • Recycle bin

1.2. Who Can Find This Information?

Some, or all, of the locations above can be read by...

  • other websites you visit
  • tracking cookies
  • spyware on your computer
  • employers checking out how you spend work time
  • jealous or inquisitive spouses and partners
  • snoops who may have cracked into your computer or wi-fi connection
  • file recovery software

1.3. How To Delete Browsing History

To guard privacy and maintain personal security, we should delete this information on a regular basis. You can delete a lot of this information manually if you prefer... just go to my article, How To Manually Delete Browsing History.

However, to find and delete all of your tracks is not easy, unless you are an experienced 'techie'... and it takes some time to accomplish. Even then, the deleted tracks and sensitive files are not permanently deleted and can be recovered by undelete software.

Index.dat files are the most obscure, dangerous files and the most difficult to find and delete. In fact, in most cases it is impossible to delete Index.dat files manually because Windows keeps them open all the time and most computer users will be unable to delete them. This means that these hidden system files will keep a record of every single website and action you've performed online and if anyone gains access to them, they can see exactly which websites you've visited and what you've downloaded.

Another reason to delete browsing history is to speed up our computers... Internet history files can take up many megabytes of disk space. It makes sense to clear history, stored in the places above, by using specialized software that will comb through all of your drives and permanently erase everything that you want deleted.

2. Recommended Software To Delete Browsing History

2.1. CyberScrub

I use CyberScrub to not only keep my computer 'clean' from prying eyes, but also to erase stored data that is no longer needed and so prevent my computer from slowing down.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends CyberScrub for hard drive erasure. CyberScrub security products are purchased by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of the Interior and Defense, the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies... a strong testament to the quality and efficacy of its deletion products!

There are two of CyberScrub's products that I'd highly recommend...

CyberScrub Privacy Suite... it protects your privacy by removing sensitive files permanently, delete browsing history, including index.dat files, and free disk space.

You can choose your level of deletion on a sliding scale, from quick wiping with one pass (stops recovery by software but not hardware), DoD wiping with 3 passes (stops recovery by software and hardware), to Gutman destruction (35 passes but a very slow process).

The program has a Risk Monitor which alerts you automatically to when your privacy is at risk. It will notify you of...

  • Internet tracks and images that reside on your computer
  • the need to wipe free space to ensure that previously "deleted" files cannot be recovered
  • documents and files that reside in your Recycle Bin
  • available patches, fixes and updates

Privacy Suite Information and 15 Day Free Trial

CyberScrub Security is the other progam of CyberScrub's I recommend. This is the one I actually use. It has all the functionality of the Privacy Suite, plus it wipes external media including USB sticks and drives and has a wipe free space utility.

There are various business attributes included, such as meeting document life-cycle policies for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA and GLB.

CyberScrub Security Information and 15 Day Free Trial

2.2. Privacy Guardian

Delete browsing history with PC Tools Privacy Guardian. It also erases cookies, passwords, and download logs. Chat programs, media players, FTP browsers, email clients, and peer-to-peer file transfer programs tracks are also securely deleted to protect your other online activities.

Each task is clearly shown for selection on the front panel...

So, as you can see, in addition to the delete Internet history function, you can also delete...

  • traces of third party products,such as, Office, Adobe Flash and Media players
  • Free space on your hard drive will be overwritten to erase any previously deleted files so that they cannot be recovered
  • You can select individual folders or files to be shredded (permanently deleted)

Although not having the range of deletion techniques offered by CyberScrub, it does offer single pass, triple pass and Gutmann deletion (see below). This is sufficient for most home/small business users.

Privacy Guardian is much cheaper than CyberScrub but I don't have the confidence in it that I do with CyberScrub Privacy Suite or Security. After using CyberScrub, if I run my test recovery software, Phoenix Data Recovery, I cannot recover any deleted files. After using Privacy Guardian, I do recover files. CyberScrub is more exhaustive in its deletion profiles.

2.3. System Mechanic

Although not an individual secure deletion program, it does have this function within it's suite of tools. It tunes up your PC by fixing, optimizing and automatically maintaining it in tip-top condition. I use this suite to maintain the performance of my computer. Within its 50 proven and powerful tools for diagnosing PC problems and errors, it has a program called 'Search and Recover'.

This powerful tool will recover...

  1. the entire contents of a drive
  2. deleted documents, files and applications
  3. deleted photos and movies
  4. deleted music
  5. deleted emails from most email programs

See what this software can do by taking a look at System Mechanic Professional Review Video.

You can get it for HALF PRICE, so making it a very attractive proposition!!...

Get the new System Mechanic 11.5 for only $24.95 [normally $49.95]. Save 50%! Coupon code: TEN8


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