How Commercial And Free Proxy Anonymizers Work

By using one of the commercial or free proxy anonymizers, we can prevent our identity being determined on the Internet.

With some anonymizers, we can even encrypt our connection, so any communication between our computer and the Website we're visiting is totally secure and we are invisible to any third parties.

Some proxy anonymizers -- also known as anonymous surfing programs and international anonymizers -- can be used for all Web services, including Web-Mail, such as MSN HotMail and Yahoo mail, ICQ ("I Seek You"), and Web chat rooms, etc.

Why would we want to hide our IP (Internet Protocol) address when we're online? Well, the articles, Who Is Monitoring Us When We're Online? and What Information Is Recorded When We're Online, will answer that question.

Let's now take a look at and discuss...

  1. What Is A Proxy Anonymizer?
  2. How Do We Become Anonymous?
  3. How Do We Become Invisible?

1. Commercial & Free Proxy Anonymizers...
What Is A Proxy Anonymizer?

Proxy Servers
A proxy server is a deputy or third party server, which acts as a relay between our computer and the Website we are accessing.

A proxy server saves files most frequently requested by Internet users in a special database, called a “cache”. When we wish to access a website page, if the information is already in the server cache, then it is transferred to our computer... so saving time by not having to make the actual connection to the site.

Proxy Anonymizers
Some proxy servers are called 'anonymous proxy servers' or 'proxy anonymizers'. These proxy servers do not show our IP address to the Website we connect to from the proxy... instead, they show the IP address of the proxy anonymizer.

Other proxy servers do show our IP address. So, if we want to set up our own anonymous connection, we have to ensure we are connecting through an anonymous proxy server.

Rather than connecting directly to a website through our ISP, we connect from our ISP to a proxy server and then to the website we wish to visit.

2. Commercial & Free Proxy Anonymizers...
How Do We Become Anonymous?

When we're using commercial or free proxy anonymizers and want to connect to a Website, our browser connects first of all to our ISP.

We then connect to the proxy anonymizer, which then connects to the website. Information is then routed back to our PC from the website to the proxy server, to our ISP server and finally, to our PC.

If we are being routed through our ISP's servers, how can we become anonymous?

Well, first of all, every computer is assigned an IP address by our ISP. It's our Internet identification number, like our mailing address. By knowing our IP address, it's possible to determine our country, city, internet provider and even our physical address.

When using a commercial or free proxy anonymizer, the website we're visiting -- and any other router after our proxy server -- 'sees' our IP address as that of the anonymous proxy, not the actual IP address of our computer.

So, crackers monitoring our connection and the various routers and servers we pass through around the Web, log our identity as the proxy server.

What About Our ISP Records?
Because we connect to our ISP's servers to connect to our proxy anonymizer, anyone examining our ISP records will see when our computer is logged on and the IP address of our proxy. However, that's all that can be seen. There is no record of which website we've been to after our proxy.

In other words, we are invisible to our ISP and anyone-else when we're surfing though our anonymous proxy.

Anonymizers And Security
There is one point to be made clear, in case you were wondering... proxy anonymizers don't shield our computers from cookies, hostile applets or other malware.

In other words, although it conceals our identity, a proxy doesn't act as a security shield to protect us from other Internet threats. We still need to install protection to guard privacy and online security.

3. Commercial & Free Proxy Anonymizers...
How Do We Become Invisible?

By using an anonymous proxy server, our computer also becomes anonymous... but this doesn't stop third parties being able to see what we are looking at on the website we're visiting or, for example, our messages in a chat room.

To secure our information, so our PCs can become completely invisible on the Internet, commercial and some free proxy anonymizers can encrypt the connection between our computer, the proxy anonymizer and the URL we are visiting.

This encryption is achieved using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security... the same encryption as offered by secure or https:// connections, such as online banks or website secure payment pages.

Well, you now know that commercial and free proxy anonymizers hide our identity and can make our connections totally secure.

Now, you'll probably want to find out more... like what the pros and cons of using one are, or which anonymizers are recommended for use. So, here are a few more articles to provide you with more information...

4. Commercial & Free Proxy Anonymizers...
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