The Best Commercial And Free Rootkit Scanner Downloads

Detection and removal of rootkits either requires specialized commercial and free rootkit scanner downloads or disk wiping... depending on your point of view.

It's worth understanding both of these aspects to help you make a decision on the preferred type of root-kit detection and removal for you.

These are the pieces of information you'll find here...

  1. Removal By Data Wipe
  2. No Scanner Will Detect All Rootkits
  3. Freeware Programs
  4. Commercial Programs
  5. More Rootkit Information

1. Removal By Data Wipe

There are those who prefer to manually remove a rootkit because they simply believe that commercial and free rootkit scanner downloads don't reliably remove rootkits.

Because rootkits work by changing the operating system (e.g. Windows or Linux) itself, removing a rootkit can cause the OS to become unstable. Removal of malware hidden by the rootkit can also cause instability of the system.

Removing the root kit manually may also take longer than actually reinstalling the system... and the rootkit removal process may be tricky, especially for inexperienced computer users.

For this reason, many technically competent computer users, such as system administrators, will simply save their essential, uncontaminated files and format or deep wipe the data, followed by reinstallation of the operating system.

If you are interested in the manual method of detection and removal, then see How To Defeat A Rootkit... Manual Detection

2. No Scanner Will Detect All Rootkits

The majority of home, home office or small office users, don't want to get into the technicalities of data wiping and reinstallation of the operating system. So, automated programs, such as commercial or free rootkit scanner downloads, are going to be the preferred option.

As rootkits are increasingly being used by malware writers, so the threat has become more recognized and antirootkit software is becoming more common.

Most freeware anti-rootkit programs are stand-alone, whereas commercial programs are generally integrated into anti-virus, antispyware and security suite software.

Computer security companies and vendors are constantly having to keep up-to-date with new rootkits... so, you also have to keeep your software up-to-date to meet these new threats.

Currently, there are no perfect commercial or free rootkit scanner downloads and users should not lock into the idea that one particular rootkit detector is "the best" (for more information, see How To Defeat A Rootkit... Detection Of Rootkits).

Both commercial and free rootkit scanner downloads will vary in their ability to detect and remove rootkits, so, one program alone will not give you maximum coverage.

Indeed, to feel more secure about your protection from rootkits, I suggest you adopt the practice of using more than one detector.

To give me the broadest cover against rootkits, I combine and use on an alternate basis,two free rootkit scanner downloads with one commercial program.

3. Freeware Programs

I. Free Rootkit Scanner Downloads... RootkitRevealer

This is the first of the free rootkit scanner downloads that I use.

RootkitRevealer can be downloaded from Microsoft's TechNet Site.

The program's output lists Registry and file system API discrepancies that may indicate the presence of a user-mode or kernel-mode rootkit.

Although RootkitRevealer successfully detects all persistent rootkits, including AFX, Vanquish and HackerDefender, it will not remove them. The publisher's advice is to wipe the system and to reinstall.

II. Free Rootkit Scanner Downloads... Rootkit Hunter

Rootkit Hunter is an easy-to-use tool which checks computers running UNIX and Macs for the presence of rootkits and other unwanted malware -- it's not for Windows users.

Download from SourceForge

III. Free Rootkit Scanner Downloads... Sophos Anti-Rootkit

This is the second of the free rootkit scanner downloads that I use. Sophos Anti-Rootkit safely and reliably detects and removes rootkits that might already have secreted themselves onto your system.

The program is simple to use with an easy graphical user interface.

Download from Sophos

4. Commercial Programs

As I mentioned earlier, software vendors are incorporating anti-rootkit technology into programs with other functionality.

For the consumer, it makes sense to combine this software into programs that are critical to guard privacy and online security.

Below, I briefly describe two programs that have the effective anti-rootkit technology built in...

I. Commercial Rootkit Scanner Downloads... Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) is the best antivirus software, now combining rootkit detection and removal. As CNET said of KAV...

"still stands head and shoulders above the latest Norton and McAfee products and thus deserves our Editors' Choice".

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the product I use and it continues to be rated as the top-performer in independent tests.

It protects against viruses, rootkits, Trojans and worms by...

  • Scanning emails in and out
  • Scannning all Internet traffic to ensure infected objects are not saved to the hard disk
  • Monitoring programs and processes in memory and the registry, where rootkits hide
  • System restoring so you can roll back changes made by rootkits or other malicious programs

II. Commercial Rootkit Scanner Downloads... ZoneAlarm Security Suite

Although most security suites tend to have one strong feature -- like a terrific firewall -- their other components are nowhere near as hot.

However, in ZoneAlarm Security Suite, the ZoneAlarm software firewall -- the most effective you can get -- is combined with Kaspersky Anti-Virus and its rootkit protection.

In addition to this knockout combo, the suite also incorporates antispyware, parental controls, identity protection, and privacy and Instant Messaging controls.

For further information, have a look at ZoneAlarm Security Suite

5. More Rootkit Information

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