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The Best VPN Service?

I have been using 'Hide My Ass! Pro VPN', compatible with Windows and Mac, for nearly a couple of years now, after trying VPN services and anonymous web surfing software of all kinds. My reason for switching from one service to another was not just out of curiosity but also necessity.... they were sooooo slow!

I then decided to try HMA!. Not that there was any risk of losing my money, as HMA give a 30 day, no quibble, money-back guarantee. So, what had I got to lose?

Exactly What Was Promised!

I immediately experienced loading times as fast as my normal broadband connection -- not the waiting and waiting I had experienced with other packages! And there were no bandwidth restrictions. To maintain an optimized speed, Hide My Ass! have load balancing on their servers. In other words, if a particular server peaks on traffic which affects speed, you are advised to switch to another server in the same or near location!

You've probably guessed that, as I've stayed with HMA!, I have confidence in this program. Just for information, included in the subscription is anonymous email, file uploads, anonymous referrer and privacy software.

So, if you are interested in trying it, why not continue reading about my experiences, or take a look at the details on the website.

Hide My Ass!... Easily Setting Up a VPN

To get started, you download a control panel from HMA!, which contains the client software to connect to the HMA VPN servers. Once installed, you click on the HMA! desktop icon, the control panel opens and you enter your username and password that you set up when registering.

If you are interested in VPN routers, it's worth noting you can set up HMA! Pro VPN on your router and all devices on your network, such as Playstation, Netflix, Apple TV etc, will automatically hidden behind the VPN encryption.

The next step is to select 'Country selection'. Here you will select the VPN Protocol and country server you wish to use. HMA! offer you a choice of Open VPN, PPTP or L2TP. I have 'Open VPN' selected, as PPTP may have security vulnerabilities (if you're not sure what these terms are, take a look at my article An Explanation of How VPN Works).

You also select the country you wish your IP address to be shown as and there are 51+ countries to choose from. Remember, your VPN IP address makes you anonymous, so connect to a server in your home country as it ensures your connection speeds are optimized -- the further away you are from the server, the greater the chance of your loading speeds being affected. If you are not sure which server offers you the best speed, then click on 'Speed guide' -- this will automatically check the download/upload speed of the 10 nearest servers to your location and you just select the fastest!

Once you've done this, return to 'Dashboard' and click 'Connect to VPN'. Once you are connected to the VPN server, you'll get a notification box pop up saying you are securely connected and showing your new IP address. If you have any doubt about your new IP address, just go to Utrace -- it will show your IP address and a map of where your server is.

Hide My Ass! Extras

The other great offering from Hide My Ass! is the free extras that come with your subscription. Here's a summary...

  • Web Proxy... this is free for anyone to use -- you don't need to subscribed.
  • IP:Port Proxies... these are public proxy servers, updated every day, which can be used with any application that supports the use of proxies, such as web browsers. Please exercise caution -- these are public proxies and your login to the server and the sites you visit can be recorded.
  • Anonymous Email Address... hide behind one of Hide My Ass! email address aliases and never have to reveal your real email address. Ideal for when websites or persons you do not necessarily trust ask for your email address.
  • Free Privacy Software... there is an 'HMA! Web Proxy Browser Extension' to redirect your web browser traffic through the HMA! secure free web proxy nodes with just one click.

    Secondly, there is the 'HMA! PanicButton' to quickly hide all of your web browser tabs with just one click.

  • File Upload... advanced privacy features control who can and can't download your files.
  • Anonymous Referrer... when linking from a website, only "HideMyAss.com" will be logged by the website you are linking to, thus masking your true websites identity.


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