Software For Internet And IP Address Identity Theft Protection

Internet and IP address identity theft protection is about following common-sense practical steps and having the right software to guard privacy and security.

The practical steps (i.e. non-software) are covered in the second part of this article, Practical Steps For Internet & IP ID Theft Protection.

In this article, we'll be looking at software that can help prevent or warn us of potential identity theft situations.

So, here's what we'll be covering...

  1. An Explanation Of IP Identity Theft
  2. How To Hide Our IP Address
  3. Detection Of Malicious Web Sites
  4. Spam And Spyware Protection
  5. More Information

1. An Explanation of IP Identity Theft

A computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address tells others where and how to find our computer online. Every Web site and PC connected to the Internet must possess a unique IP address -- no two devices can have the same address at the same time.

If spammers or malicious hackers have our IP address, then they can assault our PCs with malware to steal our personal data -- almost always for Internet or IP address identity theft or fraud.

So, it's important to guard privacy of our IP address as carefully as we would our full name and street address. Unfortunately, neither the browsers we use to surf the Net, nor Windows itself allows us to hide our IP address from the outside world. However, some third-party software will enable this privacy protection...

2. How To Hide Our IP Address

There is software -- commonly called anonymizers or anonymous surfing -- that hides our IP address, allowing us to surf anonymously and protect us from IP address identity theft.

These programs also encrypt any information we exchange with a web site, even if the site doesn't support SSL. This means that crackers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) -- or anyone-else -- cannot see or record where we are surfing and what we're downloading... extremely useful if we want to keep our surfing, transactions and downloads etc confidential.

One penalty of software to hide our IP address is that it will slow down your speed of surfing

I fully cover the hiding of our IP addresses with anonymizers in the article, A Review Of The Best Commercial International Anonymizers.

However, I use and strongly recommend HideMyAss VPN as the top anonymizer.


No, RoboForm doesn't hide our IP address, but I'm mentioning it here because it is an extremely valuable tool for protecting against identity theft. This snappy little program...

  • encrypts our passwords and form-filling data to achieve complete security
  • protects us against identity theft on phishing web sites by filling passwords only on matching web sites
  • generates random passwords that hackers can't guess or break by using dictionary software
  • defeats keyloggers because we don't use our keyboard to type passwords or other personal data

The program works with the majority of browsers and on all computer, tablet or mobile phone systems, whether it be Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc.

Download the RoboForm FREE Trial to see what a truly great, safe program this is.

3. Detection Of Malicious Web Sites

There are various pieces of software -- mostly free -- which will alert us to whether a website we're intending to visit may be malicious... that is, one that is suspected of installing malware capable of stealing our information for Internet and IP address identity theft and fraud, or to damage our computers.

I prefer and use McAfee SiteAdvisor...

SiteAdvisor provides you with clearly visible safety ratings for websites when searching or browsing.

The ratings appear next to search results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. When surfing, SiteAdvisor's safety button changes color -- green, yellow and red -- depending on the safety of the site you visit.

This is a very useful and visible, free tool and can be downloaded from McAfee SiteAdvisor

4. Spam And Spyware Protection

The Dangers Of Spam

Phishing emails and other spam are sources of malware, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware that can be capable of stealing our information for Internet or IP address identity theft.

By viewing and deleting email at our mail server with a spam blocker like MailWasher Pro (free trial), we can read the phisher's and other spam email in complete safety... there is no risk of Internet or IP address identity theft from malware being triggered on our PCs.

If you'd like to find out more about spam protection software, take a read of The Best Spam Slammers To Protect You From Spam Dangers

The Dangers Of Spyware

The most dangerous malware contained within spam and phishing emails is spyware.

Anti-spyware software can detect the types of programs, like keyloggers, that identity thieves use for Internet and IP address identity theft.

For protection from Internet and IP address identity theft, it is a MUST to invest in spyware blocking software.

For further information on identity theft, here's a list of other articles in this series...

5. More Information