This Is The Top Mac File Recovery Software!

There are two really great Mac file recovery software programs that are widely regarded and generally rated as the best by testers, users and reviewers. I use one of them myself for recovering data and photos and also for testing how effective data deletion programs are.

I'd advise you to read my article, Follow These Steps To Use Your Mac File Recovery Software

I'm sure you'll be happy with either of these products and please remember... download the free trial version to ensure you can identify the data you require for recovery.

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is widely regarded as the number one file recovery for Mac and Windows for home users and is the program I regularly use!

Stellar Phoenix has won numerous awards for their products, including Best Software, PC World Editor's Choice Award, Best Data Recovery Software Vendor (Techies Award).

It's client list also speaks volumes, with Cisco Systems, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Erricson, Honda, KPMG, L&T, McDonalds, Motorola, Pepsi, Ray-Ban, & Samsung amongst its high profile users.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a complete recovery utility that recovers lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from any Mac supported storage media and is compatible with all major Mac OS X versions, including 10.7 Lion and its lower version.

This Mac file recovery software provides dedicated data recovery options to recover your lost/inaccessible data. These options include...

Drive Recovery

Has 'Quick Recovery' for corrupt volumes, 'Deleted Recovery' for deleted files, 'Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery' for deleted data lost to formatting and 'Search Lost/Deleted Volumes' options.

Photo Recovery

Recovers photos, videos, audios and other multimedia files from any Mac supported data storage media.

CD/DVD Recovery

Recover lost or inaccessible data from any optical media, including CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-ray discs etc. This Mac file recovery software will efficiently reclaim your lost data from any improperly burnt or even damaged optical media.

iPod Recovery

Helps you recover data, lost due to deletion, formatting or inaccessibility from any iPod Classic or iPod Shuffle.

I've just skimmed the surface of its functionality here. Stellar's website provides all the detail you'd want, so visit Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery and also try out the free download.

2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery

If all you are after is Mac file recovery software that recovers deleted, formatted, lost photos, pictures, songs, movies, and other multimedia files from Mac systems, then you can save quite a few dollars by going for this multimedia only option.

It supports hard drives with capacities up to 2 TB, external hard drives, USB drives, iPod, pen drive, and Digital Camera. Mac Photo Recovery works with a wide range of image, audio, and video file formats.

It is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Find out more about Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery and try the free download

3. R-Studio For Mac

R-Studio for Mac is specially designed for the Mac OS environment and recovers files from HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh), FAT/NTFS (Windows), UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) partitions.

In addition, raw file recovery (scan for known file types) can be used for heavily damaged or unknown file systems. This Mac file recovery software also reclaims data on disks, even if their partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted. Flexible parameter settings give you absolute control over data recovery.


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