The Best Parental Software Control

Which parental software control will free your time while providing online safety for your kids -- even in your absence?

Well, this review is going to provide you with the answers...

  • We're going to cover the features you should be looking for when choosing your software
  • To take out the guesswork, I'll also let you know what I and other reviewers have rated as the top product

The big benefit you'll find with parental software control is that these programs allow the parent a lot more flexibility... you don't have to be present while the kids are on the computer because, whether you're there or not, the program will be automatically watching after your children.

Also, as these programs work in the background, the kids don't feel as though they are being overtly 'policed'.

This is what to look for in your program...

1. Best Parental Software Control...
The Features To Look For

  1. A free trial... test-drive the program to ensure it meets your expectations
  2. Different levels of filtering... young kids need more protection, whereas teens need less interference
  3. Chat filtering... some of the greatest online threats come from Instant Messaging (IM)
  4. Ease of use... an informative control panel and intuitive interface can make operation a cinch.

  5. More than one computer? Then look for a product that licenses use on more than one machine

2. Best Parental Software Control...
Which Product Is Top?

I've tested a number of the best parental software control products in this software review -- particularly to check out whether they have the features listed above and their performance.

The products include widely-respected programs like CyberPatrol, ContentWatch, NetNanny, and SafeEyes.

I've also incorporated the reviews and test results undertaken by,

  • Consumer Reports
  • CNet
  • Consumer Search
  • Top Ten Reviews
  • and PC Magazine
to give you an overall 'winner' -- so saving you the time and complication of examining these products and the reviews.

So, which product turned out to be the best?

The Top Of The Crop

In this best parental software control review, SafeEyes is the cream that floats to the top!

Not only does it have ALL of those features we discussed above, it provides the best filtering performance -- protecting your kids from the online threats that can affect them and you.

In particular, SafeEyes gets top marks for...

  • Allowing you to choose which websites can be visited and add to the 'prohibited' list
  • Monitoring and controlling websites, news groups, chat, e-mail, P2P and IM
  • Limiting time online
  • Creating differing filtering profiles if you have more than one child
  • Installation on up to 3 computers, either Windows or Mac -- a great advantage over the other products and which can be a big money-saver
  • Accessing activity logs of your child/teen remotely, such as from another room or at work
  • The comprehensive, 15 day free trial

But see for yourself, without spending a dime... get the FREE TRIAL and the peace of mind it will bring you.

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