Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... AntiSpyware Alone Is Insufficient

More than one review on spyware and adware removal shows that antispyware alone does not remove all spyware, so there are additional steps we must take to reduce the chances of infection.

Spyware can be installed on to our computers in a number of ways (see How PCs Are Infected & The Signs). By plugging the holes through which spyware gets on to our PCs, we minimize greatly our chances of infection.

This won't stop all spyware, but it will reduce the amount and types. By reducing the spyware load, it gives our spyware and adware remover applications a much greater chance of clearing up.

Here are the five steps to ensure that you have the best protection against spyware available...

1. Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... Install A Firewall

If you have an effective firewall installed, then you already have some limited protection against spyware.

A firewall, if set correctly, prevents a third party from remotely accessing spyware on our PCs.

The other benefit of a good firewall is that it controls what leaves our computer. A number of spyware programs 'phone home with our information, or contact their base to download more advertisements or other malware. So, a firewall can be set to stop offending applications from reporting back.

For more information, click on the 'Firewall/Hacking' button at the top left of this page.

or are the firewalls that are consistently in the top recommendation of reviewers and which I use on my computers.

2. Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... AV Trojan Removal

Anti-virus (AV) software is not currently designed to detect spyware, but it does detect some by default.

For instance, it will stop viruses and worms that are carrying a spyware payload. Also, some AV software is very effective at stopping Trojans, another type of spyware.

is the most effective Trojan remover -- and is at the top of AV performance -- according to AV Comparatives, an official testing body for AV software.

Don't expect an AV to keep your PC clear of spyware, though. Until AV programs become more thorough in blocking spyware, it's imperative to use top of the line spyware and adware remover programs in conjunction with AV software. However, with the right antivirus program, you'll kill Trojans and the spyware carried by viruses and worms.

3. Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... Patch Your System

Some types of spyware infect computers through system vulnerabilities. It is critical to check for fixes or patches for these flaws across all software programs. These patches will help prevent attackers, including spyware, from gaining access to our PCs via these vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express are the most dominant operating system, browser software and email clients, respectively. Unfortunately, they have frequent security flaws and are attractive targets for spyware and other malware writers.

So, at the very least, patch these Microsoft applications with the latest updates from the Windows Update Page.

Remember... your software performance is only as good as the last update!

4. Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... Change Internet Explorer

Most of us use Internet Explorer (IE) as our Internet browser. However, IE has been consistently plagued with security flaws. It is an open door for spyware, such as browser hijackers and dialers, that uses ActiveX control flaws.

Security was so poor with the IE browser, that US CERT (US Computer Emergency Readiness Team), advised people to ditch IE and use a different browser for their computer protection.

I use the free Mozilla Firefox browser, but retain IE for those few web sites not yet designed to be compatible for all major browsers.

However, if you prefer to stick with IE, then try the new IE9. It's designed to be more secure than its predecessors.

You can download it for free from Internet Explorer.

5. Review On Spyware And Adware Removal... Install Spyware Removers

We've spent time on items 1 to 4 because, by taking action here, there'll be fewer 'holes' in your system for spyware -- and other malware -- to be able to slip through. This will make the job of your spyware and adware remover easier and more effective at cleaning up.

As you read earlier, there are fraudulent spyware remover programs out there and even the reputable programs vary considerably in their effectiveness.

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