How To Choose Spam Slammers That Really Work!

Since spam slammers that use filters are the most successful solution to date at blocking spam, this is the type we'll focus on here.

However, if you'd like to know more about the different types of antispam software and their effectiveness, go to The Four Types Of Spam Blockers.

This is what we'll be looking at and talking about to guard privacy and security from spam...

  1. Spam Blockers Don't Prevent Spam
  2. The Weakness With Most Email Programs
  3. Anti-Spam That Keep Spam Out Of Our Inboxes
  4. Supporting Articles

1. Spam Slammers Don't Prevent Spam

Email clients or programs, such as Outlook , Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird use filters to help organize and separate email into spam and non-spam groupings.

But remember... a spam filter and other types of anti-spam software do not prevent spam -- they merely reduce the amount that gets into our inboxes. Also, please don't expect your spam slammers to stop all spam. Currently, no spam slammer can guarantee to stop spam 100 percent, every time, from getting into our inboxes.

2. Spam Slammers... The Weakness With Most Email Programs

The one weakness with most email programs is they download all email to our computers, irrespective of whether it contains spam or not. The mail is then filtered into spam and genuine messages. Filters may allow genuine messages to be mistaken for spam and, similarly, spam may also cleverly by-pass the filters and appear as a genuine message. This means we need to double-check our mail, rather than leaving it entirely to our spam blocker.

The risk to us is that once spam is in our inboxes, malware can be triggered by opening the mail, an attachment, or just looking at it in the preview pane.

To avoid triggering malware, such as spyware and viruses, if we could sort our mail at our hosting server, all spam could be deleted at this point. This means we would identify all genuine email, so, only mail we wanted would be downloaded to our inbox... in other words, no spam and no risk of accidental infection.

Well, there are programs to allow us to do just that...

3. Spam Slammers That Keep Spam Out Of Our Inboxes

There are three types of anti-spam software programs that allow us to check that our email has been sorted correctly into spam and genuine emails before we download them to our inboxes.

They operate in a different way to each other, as I explain...

I. Spam Slammers... MailWasher Pro

Mailwasher Pro is a spam blocker utility that sorts your mail at the server and downloads spam-free email to any email client installed on your computer.

It is my preferred spam blocker. I have used this program for three years and it's beaten each spam blocker I have evaluated. For my experience of this program, go to Spam Spammers With MailWasher Pro.

II. Spam Slammers... Web Mail

There are a number of companies offering an online email service including storage, so you need never download mail to your computer again. Not only does this save memory on your computer, but it also means malware can never get to your computer via email. However, you can usually download mail via your email client if you require it.

With Web mail, you just need to connect to the Internet and login to your mail to view it, so you can use any computert for access... convenient for the travellers amongst us.

If you are interested in Web mail, then here are three products I suggest you look at...

Google offers its free spam blocker and email client, Gmail , with 2GB of storage. By paying a small monthly or annual fee, you can have an online facility that offers virus and spam filtering, a calendar, address book, file storage and Outlook synchronization.

Variations on these offerings are also provided by the free trial with FuseMail and the free account at Hotmail.

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