MailWasher Pro... Spam Spammers With This Top Spam Blocker

If you are looking for a top -- in my view, the top -- spam blocker that can spam spammers, you won't do better than MailWasher Pro.

I'll say right upfront that, for me, it is the best spam blocker for protection against the dangers of spam, ease of use and value for money... and because you can bounce back your spam, it's one way of being able to spam spammers with the same unwanted rubbish that they send to us!

I've used MailWasher Pro for three years now and I've tested it against many other spam slammers.

It is the spam blocker I rely upon for my three networked business and family computers.

To give you a flavor of my experience and an objective view on how it has performed for me, I've split my review of MailWasher Pro into these sectons...

  1. What Is MailWasher Pro?
  2. How It Works
  3. How To Use MailWasher
  4. What I Like About It
  5. How It Could Be Improved

  6. Supporting Articles

1. Spam Spammers... What Is MailWasher?

If you've read Spam Slammers... These Are The Dangers When Spam Gets Through, you'll understand just how dangerous spam can be as a carrier of malware -- whether it be viruses, worms, scripts, Trojans, web bugs or spyware.

You'll also have read that the best preventative measure is to keep spam out of your inbox, by sorting it at your mail server... so malware can't be inadvertently triggered.

And -- besides bouncing emails to spam spammers -- MailWasher Pro does just that... it uses filters and Baysian techniques to let you see and sort all the email waiting for you at the server before it gets to your computer. The advantage is that spam, viruses and other malicious content can be deleted right off the server, so they never even get to your inbox or harm your computer.

Your email is displayed in text mode which makes it completely safe... so, viruses cannot run automatically and malicious information cannot be transferred to your computer.

With this program, at the server you can see who the message is really from and also check if the email really is a virus or a scam, without worrying that you may trigger a problem.

2. Spam Spammers... How It Works

MailWasher Pro works directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does. But there is one important difference... you can tell MailWasher Pro to delete a message at the server without downloading it to your inbox.

You can also bounce an e-mail back to the sender so that it looks as though your address is not valid -- a useful tactic for getting your email address off a spammer's list and to spam spammers by returning the junk they have sent you.

The antispam program processes the mail into spam and genuine mail. You can program what happens to each email in the options that the program provides. For instance, I program all spam to be deleted, reported and bounced back to spam spammers. All sorted and genuine mail is then downloaded to my inbox with one click.

MailWasher Pro learns and adapts to your personal preferences because it has intelligent filters which enable you to help teach it what you want to receive.

It has all four types of the filters I discussed in The Four Types Of Spam Slammers. These are...

  • White and Black Lists
  • Word Lists
  • Trend Analysis
  • and Learning Filters

These sophisticated learning filters are also dynamically trained and updated in real time by a system called FirstAlert!, a community based spam reporting system.

You can find more information at Mailwasher Pro

3. Spam Spammers... How To Use MailWasher

When I connect to the Internet and click on the MailWasher Pro icon on my PC, the program connects automatically to my service provider's server. A neat window is displayed, showing all my emails that are awaiting download. Spam and genuine mail is already sorted and differentiated by color.

When I first started to use the program, I helped the filters learn what I wanted to keep (Whitelist) and the types of email I didn't (Blacklist).

Spam is also sorted using a filter that automatically recognizes spam patterns and which use databases of known spammers.

It takes a few days for the filters to learn our particular spam profile and we also need this time to help the filters separate out mail into our white and black lists.

As with all spam blockers using filters, I always make a cursory check to ensure that no spam has been missed.

Although I consider MailWasher Pro to be the best of the filtering spam blockers, it is not 100 percent effective all of the time, every time -- no spam blocker is. If the learning filters have made a mistake at the server and marked a genuine mail as spam, or vice versa, I simply correct it with a mouse click, enabling the program to learn from this mistake.

4. Spam Spammers... What I Like About MailWasher Pro

  • This is a program that is very easy to set up as wizards help at each stage. To use, all that's required is a click on the MailWasher Pro icon, check the mail has been sorted correctly and then click the 'Process Mail' button.
  • I can read the messages in plain text in the program's preview pane, without fear of setting off web bugs or other malware.
  • I can also reply to emails or delete them -- so, I don't even have to download my mail to my inbox. It's that good!
  • It puts my PC and my safety first. What I mean by that is, providing I make a cursory check of what MailWasher Pro has sorted into spam and genuine mail, then I never get spam into the inbox of my email client, ThunderBird.

    This means there is no risk to me or my family of any malware being able to get to my computer via email.

  • What adds to the feeling of protection with this program is it blocks potential viruses by examining each email for any code it thinks is suspicious or viral-like.
  • Unlike most other spam blockers, there is no annual subscription... you purchase the program for life, including updates and support. This makes this program great value for money.

    If you want to continue using FirstAlert! after your first year, there is just a small subscription fee to pay. MailWasher Pro works without it, but you'll find that you'll have to manually check spam for deletion and bounce.

  • You can have as many email accounts as you want. The program supports POP3, AOL, Hotmail, MSN and IMAP. It also works with any email client, such as Microsoft's Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Opera, etc.

5. Spam Spammers... How MailWasher Could Be Improved

I honestly can't find much to fault MailWasher Pro. But there is one improvement that could be made to help those who newly install the program -- and this concerns the word filter...

To activate this filter, we have to add specific words manually, such as 'sex', 'viagra', etc. The filter then checks each email for these words and, if present, marks the mail as spam.

Now, it wouldn't take much for Firetrust -- MailWasher Pro's developers -- to include a database of the most common spam words and their derivations into the word filter. Individual words could be unchecked if they were causing too many false positives.

Apart from that one observation, I've found this program to have been extremely well thought out... with safety paramount.

I do recommend that you read more about this program and/or try MailWasherPro FREE for 30 days

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