Top Internet Security Software For The Personal Level

Here, we'll be discussing the top Internet security software that deals with specialized personal requirements... the Computer Protection Guide Personal Level.

It's about widening safeguards to protect your private or sensitive information -- and perhaps that of your clients, customers or family -- with the latest and most effective tools. It will appeal to those of us with a strong desire to guard our privacy from any kind of external snooping.

This article covers three aspects of top internet security software protection...
  1. Secure Deletion Of Files & Tracks
  2. Anonymous Surfing
  3. Encrypting E-Mail

1. Secure Deletion Of Files & Tracks

Everything we do on our computers leaves a trail. Many people do not realize that everything we do on our PCs can be traced or recovered. That includes, documents we've used, pictures we've viewed, web sites we've visited... and everything we've deleted! Yes... pressing the 'delete' key or emptying the recycle bin just deletes the path to the data, but the data still remains.

So, it's easy for a determined person to get our computer records, either by cracking, tracking or outright theft. If, we have sensitive information on our computer that has been deleted -- and let's face it, most of us have -- such as, deleted financials, confidential business, downloads or website history, surely we want to be confident that this data has gone for good?

To ensure it is, I personally use the top internet security software for deletion, CyberScrub Privacy Suite. Find out more by clicking here...

CyberScrub Privacy Suite Information and 15 Day Free Trial

2. Anonymous Surfing

For every connection to the Internet we make, that request gets stored on our computer and the servers of our ISP, Net router and the web sites we're visiting.

If we want to guard privacy really tightly and ensure the contents of what we're viewing cannot be seen and our identity and Internet traffic anonymous, then I strongly recommend a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will not leave ANY identifiable traces of our on-line activity.

I use Hide My Ass! Pro VPN, which has servers in 52 countries and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

You can also use, Hotspot Shield Elite, which is much cheaper but only has a servers in the United States. You can take a Free Trial before committing.

Finally, if you don't do a lot of surfing and don't really want to spend any money, then use The FREE Proxify SSL Tunnel. There is no software to install. Just click on the link above and enter the website you wish to access. You will be anonymous and your connection encrypted, so your ISP and third parties can't record which site you are visiting and what you are viewing.

3. Encrypting E-Mail

The majority of e-mail messages can be intercepted, read, copied and stored at any point along the way by third parties.

We don't have to be hiding anything to want to keep our e-mail private. After all, we put our letters in envelopes. And encryption software does the same... seals our communication so that it can't be read by everyone who handles it on its journey to its destination.

To encrypt your email, you can either use the free top internet security software, PGP or the simpler Free Hushmail.


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