A Top Of The Line Spyware And Adware Remover Will Not Remove All Spyware

We need to take care about our choice of top of the line spyware and adware remover programs for two reasons...

  1. Rogue Spyware Remover Programs
  2. Antispyware will not remove all spyware
Let me explain...

1. Rogue AntiSpyware

The credibility of spyware removers has been dented by fraudulent software and false claims.

A number of web sites claiming to scan for spyware, or that are marketing spyware blockers, actually produce phony results to get us to buy.

An example of the state of the game is illustrated by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) taking action against Maxtheater Inc., who sell Spyware Assassin...

To pressurize visitors into purchasing Spyware Assassin, the website falsely claimed that remote scans of visitors' PCs showed spyware was present. Even the downloaded Spyware Assassin reported spyware that wasn't there... all to con users into thinking it was doing its job!

AntiSpyware That Adds Spyware & Knocks Out Our Protection!

One of the cruelest deceptions to be played on us consumers is to sell us a program that actually adds spyware to our computers. Believe it or not, a spyware blocker called SpyBan did just that.

Another way of perpetuating the effects of spyware and other malware is to knock out our defenses against it.

As an example, SurfControl analysts have identified a rogue anti-spyware application, called UnSpyPC, which falsely identifies certain security products as spyware. Among the tools falsely identified were a popular and reputable anti-virus tool, a well-known anti-spyware application and a system management tool.

There are many reports from security companies that this false-positive reporting is not uncommon across many supposed top of the line spyware and adware remover applications.

So how to avoid rogue antispyware?
Finding the most effective top of the line spyware and adware remover programs can be a little 'hit and miss', unless you are up-to-date with current reviews and tests.

2. A Spyware Remover Does Not Remove All Spyware

Independent tests, including my own, show that the best spyware and adware remover programs only remove -- at best -- around 50 percent of spyware. The less effective programs -- usually free antispyware -- have very little effect.

Even though spyware is now a bigger threat than viruses, spyware removers are nowhere near the 99.9 percent -- and better -- removal of viruses, Trojans and worms that anti-virus software is at.

This is because spyware is at a later stage of development and developers' databases and detection techniques lag behind the spyware writers. Their threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the use of technology, such as rootkits, to make detection more difficult.

So, unfortunately for us, out of all the top of the line spyware and adware remover programs currently marketed, there is no single spyware remover that will completely clean and secure our PCs.

If we're intent on keeping our PCs relatively free of spyware, the more spyware blockers we use, the greater the chances of keeping our PCs clean.

To ensure your top of the line spyware and adware remover is at its most effective, I advise you to read Top Of The Line Spyware And Adware Remover... 5 Key Steps To Spyware Protection.

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